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So Who exactly am I?

  • Suhrud Banhatti, a long-time audiophile and proud graduate of the University of Edinburgh, born and raised in the UK
  • A sound designer, recordist, vocalist, songwriter and music producer
  • The owner of the YouTube channel 'Zoozbuh', which showcases my song covers for anime and games, as well my original material. Now with 35k subscribers and counting.
  • A keen gamer and film enthusiast who loves to listen and watch as much as he loves to create

What can I offer?

  • Sound Recording (studio and on-set field recording)
  • Game Sound implementation
  • Post-production Sound
    • Film, TV, Animation, Web
    • Anything in-between
  • Dialogue Editing
  • Music Editing
  • Singing / Songwriting
  • Voice-Over

Want to contact me?