Other Projects


Other Projects

Some examples of other projects I have worked on


</3 - FANs, VAMPIRES, TROLLS, Masters (2017)

'Fans, Vampires, Trolls, Masters' was a multi-storey art installation, bringing together the work of several MA Contemporary Art students from Edinbugh College of Art. In </3, Nadia Scola explored an extreme troll archetype, the 'Fuckboy', a male predator only interested in objectifying woman and forcing dialogue towards sex. 
The art installation itself consisted of a mixed-media piece, combining visuals and spoken word from three participants (one female and two male).


Edinburgh Gaelic Festival (2017)

Promotional MaterialSuhrud was the sound recordist and sound editor for this collection of short promotional videos. They were produced for Seachdain na Gàidhlig, a city-wide festival run by a committee of volunteers. Links are below.