Sound for Interactive Media


Sound for Interactive Media

Some examples of sound I have done for Interactive Media, such as games and VR (virtual reality)


Talking to Myself (2017)

‘Talking to Myself’ An Interactive Sonic Museum – A virtual 3D environment, in which every sound has been produced solely with a single voice. It is a sonic exploration of how we, as creators, talk to ourselves and self-evaluate through our creative practices. To facilitate this, it uses the key themes of personal identity, extended vocal techniques and affective sound. For a video walk-through of the environment, or a detailed project blog, please click the links below.

Mind at Large - (2017)

Sound Design for a collaborative student project. An interactive media experience which allowed users to explore a audiovisual composition through a game engine, in Virtual Reality (VR).

City of The Dead (2016)

Mystery Adventure Game (Prototype) – Inspired by the text Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, this game prototype lets the player explore an immersive ‘dead city’, full of aimlessly wandering corpse people. It is the player’s job to unravel the clues and decipher what exactly happened to each of the city’s residents. As this was a sound design project, the primary focus was on creating a convincing sonic world.