Sound for Fixed Media


Sound for Fixed Media

Some examples of sound I have done for Fixed Media, such as Film and Animation.

when the angels fall_.jpg

When the Angels Fall

(Director: Durul Gur, 2019)

Jess and Marcel live together, but one day Marcel intentionally ignores Jess since they wake up in the morning. She tries to talk to him, but Marcel takes no notice of her. Later on, the truth comes to light. A short drama, exploring the themes of love, youth and government oppression. Inspired by the love poem, Something Happened To You by Ertan Gulseren. My Credits: Sound Design (post-production)


(Director: Javan Ng, 2019)

Set in the 90s, we see an ordinary world. But what if we looked a little closer into Miles' subconscious mind? Miles (18) is experiencing an unbroken circle of dreams; as he figures out his trauma he also attempts to break through the circle with the guidance of the universe. He is taught a lesson by his subconscious mind through a repetition of dreams. This short film is a fantasy/drama shot in a thriller/drama style. My Credits: Sound Design (post-production).




(Director: Ross Kelly, 2018)

Returning from a summer abroad, a young suburban girl Sally goes to visit her friend Tyler. In the midst of gossip and games, Tyler reveals that they have a new housekeeper, Ava, only for Sally to discover a terrible secret about her. Now burdened with this discovery, Sally, thrust into adulthood, must choose to expose the truth or remain quiet. My Credits: Sound Design (post-production). NOTE: Currently in production.


(Director: Karolina Żebrowska, 2017)

A short comedy set in the mid-nineteenth century, following the story of a young, clumsy housemaid who is desperate to become a painter’s model. Filming took place in Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders. The film is around 12 minutes in total. My Credits: Sound Recording (on-set), Sound Design (post-production).




(Animator: Laura Jayne Hodkin, 2017)

An animation with a distinctly unique art style. A girl travelling on the subway becomes increasingly stressed as she is harassed by the strangers around her. My Credits: Sound Design, Final Mix. It is around 4 minutes in total. For examples of Laura's other works and art, click the website link below.

Hurts so good

(Director: Annika Meos, 2016)

Pain is considered something to run away from, to escape. However, there are people who run straight towards pain – the ultramarathon runners. In this documentary we go on a journey with Fionna Ross as she competes in a 100 km race in Perth this March. Through the competition, this documentary explores how our minds are capable of pushing our bodies to unbelievable limits. My Credits: Sound Design (post-production).

tron doras.jpg

Tron Doras

(Director: Paul Crone, 2016) 

After he and his partner are in a car crash, Ruaraidh wakes up to find himself trapped in the bureaucratic nightmare that is Death - alone. Throughout his journey he meets those responsible for maintaining the bureaucracy, as he descends through the many levels of Death's domain. In the end he meets Death himself who is both amused and annoyed by the stubbornness of Ruaraidh's pursuit. Dialogue in Scottish Gaelic. My Credits: Sound Design (post-production).